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Suun re pathikwa mat jyeeo tu vrindavan ki auor----Raskhan who had come from Kabul in search of Bihariji lost his heart to him. When a person enters Vrindavan he warns them not to go to Vrindavan because he feels if you go there then you will no longer remain a worldly person. Even if you go there you will come across a bluish boy with a flute in his hand. He is so charming that you will not like to take your eyes off him. He will speak to you so sweetly that you will be hypnotized by his words and will go on staring at him and listening to him. Do not be lured by his charm and try to get out of his clutches. Once you try to run away from him, he will use his next trick. He will play his flute. The tune of the flute will be so melodious and charming that you will have to stay on listening. Your movements will freeze and you will stand stunned where you are listening to the viberating sounds of the bansuri. Please don’t go there because once you come in his web you will not like to come out of it. He will then run away and you will have to cry for him through out your life but he will not show up again. The result will be that you will wander all over Vrindavan searching for him. People will call you crazy or even baawra which means mad. That is why I am telling you again and again, do not go to Vrindavan.

This is the plight of people who fall madely in love with Bihariji and reside in Vrindavan. They loose their relatives and never think about them. They have no need of luxuries.They eat what ever is given to them and go on chanting his name, hoping that one day he will again show up which he rarely does,except some lucky bhakts who are either too innocent or are totally devoted.
This is the story of a simple and innocent bhakt whose name was Lakhandas. He was a disciple of one saint called Ramanandi. He lived on the banks of river saryu in Ayodhya dham which was the capital of sri Ramji’s kingdom.Lakhan das was a very sincere devotee.He as a young, handsome, sober sadhak who used to get up early in the morning in the btaham muhurat. He was very well behaved, respectful and compassionate to all and had full faith in Thakurji and whatever guru dev said.Once a group of saints of Ayodhya were planning to go on a pilgrimage of the four dhams. Lakhandas was keen to go hence he went to his guruji to seek his permission.Although guruji was not keen on sending such a sincere disciple, he did not want to dissappoint him by refusing him to go.He gave his permission on a condition that he will not go to Vrindavan.This was because his guru khew that if he went there even once, he will never come back.The possesive Bihariji will not let him do that.
He went with the saints to all the four dhams and was full of devotion and love for god and now the last place they were going to visit was Vrindavan. He kept wondering why guruji had banned him from going to Vrindavan.He thought guru ji must have stopped me from going there because may be I don’t deserve goning there.He told the saint that he will not go to Vrindavan because he was keen to obey his guruji,s instructions.The saints told him that they knew the reason why his guru had forbidden him to go to Vrindavan and told him that in vrindavan there is a lot of variety of tempting food items such as kheer, rabri,laddoo kachoari,aloochaat etc and guru ji probably thought you should not develop a taste for such foods. They said, if you don’t eat these things then guru ji will not have any objection why you went there. Lakhan das vowed in his mind not to eat any of these things and went to Vrindavan.
It was the holi season when Lakhandas reached Vrindavan.At this time of te year Vrindavan looks all te more enchanting. The atmosphere was filled with scent aroma of flowers.New leaves had sprouted on the trees,it was a pleasant time, neither hot nor cold. As soon as he saw the beautiful chhavi of Biharij he lost his heart to him.Without blinking his eyes, he went on staring at him. The bhakts from all over India were playing holi with Bihariji, while throwing colourful gulal on him.He sunk his eyes in Bihariji’s.He came out of his wonder when somebody held him by the shoulder and asked him to follow him. As though intoxicated, he followed him without questionin him where he was taking him.In a short while he reached a forest where there was a thatched roof hut where he was iinstructed to follow. The strange man who had brought him in this kutia gave him an aasan to sit while he lighted a lamp. There was hardly anything in the kutia exept for a few utensils, two bed sheets, five books and a picture of Bihariji. Now this strange man took out somemilk and addedit with cooked rice and gave it to Lakhandas, saying it is the prasad of Bihariji.Eat this along with these chappaties,the stranger said in a commanding voice.
Lakhandas said, no I can not take this prasad because it looks like kheer and my guruji will not like it if he comes to know that I have eaten kheer. The stranger said, Lakhan! This is not kheer, it is milk bhaath.Inspite of so much coxing he refused to eat it and said,I will eat only the chappaties and nothing else. He asked the stranger his name and he replied, Garibdas. He was so impressed by his will power that he askd him to stay with hi in the kutia.Lakhandas had aleady given his heart to vrindavan so he thought if I stay here and do not eat the tempting things, then guruji willnot mind if I stay here.He agreed to the proposal and started living with this stranger who was so kind to him One day when he was standing before Bihariji in the temple he spotted his guruji standing near by.Immediately, he touched his feet and was crying bitterely as was feeling guilty that he had not obeyed his guruji’s orders not to go to vrindavan. At first guruji was taken aback and did not recognize him but in a second he remembered it was Lakhan das, one of his most devotted disciple. He picked him up and embraced him close to his chest and was over whelmed by his guru bhakti.He apologised to his guru and then said, guruji I know why you did not want me to come here, but I promise you that I have not eaten, nor will I eat any delicacy of this place and told him that was to ld to him by the saints.Guruji went on looking at him lovingly. He was proud to have such a sincere and innocent disciple like him. He told him, no my dear son! I stopped you from coming here because I did not want to loose such a devoted shishya.I knew it, that if you came here, you will never come back to me. Where are you staying? Lakhandas told everything about Garibdas who had brought him to his hut and allowed him to stay with him and had offered food to him as well.Guruji wanted to meet Garibdas, so Lakhandas took him to that place. He looked here and there but there was not sign of a kutia anywhere.He was just shocked. Guruji told him, pagle Garibdas was no other than Bihariji himself. You are blessed by him. I take my orders back and give you the permission to stay in Vrindavan and enjoy all the prasad offered to you by Bihariji.


One never knows when suddenly a turning point comes in the life of a person. There are many instances of athiests who believe in non existence of god. But some incident happens in their life and they believe that there is god.A group of devotees were circubating the vrindavan marg with their guru whom they use to call Baba.While walking barefooted some devotees were taking out their thorn while some were nursing their wounds which they had got due to the stones that were scattered on the road. Baba went on walking without a slight whimper. They stopped under a shady tree to take some rest and sat down on the cool sand beneath it. After a short while Baba stood up and said let’s go but some of the devotees were still not willing to go as they were feeling very tierd.Baba had no choice so agreed to their request.One of the devotee asked baba,aren’t you having pain on your feet baba? Baba nodded and said, yes I do, but I don’t have timefor nursing them.The oo’s and aah’s are hidden due to Bihariji’s kripa.The devotees saw that his feet were bleeding and his heel and toes were badly injured due to hitting on the stones. The devotees were admiring baba’s patience and felt ashamed the way they were behaving with their sore feet.Then one of them asked Baba were you always so modest as you are now? Baba straightened up and said, no my dear no, I was a great athiest and use to make fun of bhakts. It was due to my sadaguruji Lalitdasji that I became a swan from a crow.He handed me over to Bihariji and since then he is my saviour, master, mother, father and everything. My guru gave up in reforming me because I was useless case. He told Bihariji, now it is your wish to set him right or not.Since my guru had abanded me, Ihad no place to stay. It was a cold shivering winter night of December.
I went to Bihariji’s temple for the rajbhog aarti and as I stood in front of himI saw two drops of compassionate love fall from Bihariji’s eyes and then I saw those drops falling on Bihariji’s cheek. I could then seeBihariji’s lips moving as though saying something to me and he had a lovely smile on his whole face. Iwas an idiot and thought that I was imagining it and came out of the temple.I was going to my place which I had found to spend the cold wintery night, when I heard somenoe calling my name ,Gopal!Gopal!.I looked back and saw a person wearing tattered and torn clothes who was lying on the floor behind the temple shivering due to the icy wind of the evening.Without thinking anything else I gave him my little shawl that I had tucked on my self tightly to get some relief from the cold. I too was like a beggar and slept on the open red stoneed floor of Bihariji’s temple and tried to go off to sleep. When I woke up it was night and I was shrinking my body due to the cold wave of winter. I was very hungry and felt like a starved urchin but ad no place togosince guruji had given me away to Bihariji.At that moment a gosain ji who knew my guruji saw me in this condition. He offered me to go his place but I declined the offer saying that I will now onwards stay only at the lotus feet of Bihariji as per my guruji’s wish and instructions.He served me nice hot meal and again offered me to stay at his place but I refused and came back to the temple for shyaan aarti.After that I came back to my chosen place among the beggars and came and sat on the stairs outside Biariji’s temple. Due to the icy cold wave I could hardly sleep so I thought I should chant Bihariji’s name again and again. That worked like magic and I found it very blissful. I don’t know when I fell off to sleep, but I could feel the touch of soft hands and felt very cosy. Someone had put a blanket on my body. In the morning I was awakened by the bells and chanting of padas of swami sriharidasji and saw the blanket which had given me such warmth. I took it off and was wonderig who gave me this lovely blanket when a bhandari came and tells me, how did you manage to steal Bihariji’s blanket? I was stunned at the thought that the soft hands that had touched me were Bihariji’s. How great of him to accept me as his bhakt. That was the turning point of my life.Since then I am living under the shelter of Bihariji only.


The true devotion for Bihariji is only when it is nishkaam hich means when you do not expect him to do something in return to your prayer and love.One must love him unconditionally. Usually people cease to have faith in him if they are in some sort of a problem. They feel what is the use of my evotion towards Bihariji when he is not solving my miseries.Such a love for Bihariji is compared to give and take to a shop keeper,you buy a commodity from a shop keeper and he delivers the goods to you in return. This is a selfish type of a bhakti. Once you have developed love for him then let him give you pain or pleasure and accept it without grumbling.Most of us keeping begging from him to give us a house, money, child, fame, a spouse and many more. When one desire is fulfilled there is an immediate vaccancy of the next desire.This is the story of a boy whose life was very short as per the verdict of the astrolgers but Bihariji with his compassion tore the page of his karma’s in one go and he lived till 90.

This is how the story was narrated by him.

I was the only child o my parents who loved me very much. My parents were very god fearing and believed in atith devo bhav which means if any person came to our door step he was served food or at least some fruits. One day some saints who were on their way to Haridwar haulted at our residence and my mother served them food devotedly. The saints were happy and one of them was an astrologer. They asked my parents to show all the thre horscopes. My mother who was a great believer in such matters, quickly brought the. As soon as the expert astrologer saw my horoscope, his face showed signs of horror and anxiety. He did not want to disclose what he had read and quietly rolled up my horoscope. My mother insisted him to tell her what is it that he does not want to tell them.He tried his best to dodge her but my mother’s persistant pestering made him tell her that your son’s age is only up to 24 years of age. I was ten 12 years old. This was a rude jolt on all the three of us. The saints went away and therewas utter grievance in my family which continued for days together. One day I told my parents why they were not letting me live happily for at least the age of 24. I had still 12 years and I wanted to enjoy at least some years of my life.My father realized his mistake and told my mother not to talk about this topic at all.My mother who could not imagine her life without her dear son could not survive for long. One day when I went to wake her up, she was not breathing I called my father who told me that she has died.
Since I was too small to look after my self and my father did not know any cooking he got remarried. My step mother was told about my short age but why should she tolerate me even for 12 years. She had no love for me and always reported my minutest mistakes to my father who used to beat me up mercilessly.One day I got fed up of her false allegations against me and quietly slipped out of home, hoping to spend a better time of my short life.
I did all kinds of jobs for my srvival and earned quiet a bit of money but I felt some gap in my life.There was a feeling of emptness in me and I felt restless. Pace was a far cry.One day while I was saddly sitting under a peeple tree some saints also came ant sat under its shade. When they saw me, they could make out that I am not very normal.Soon I narrated my whole tale to them and they advised me to accompany them to Vrindavan.This idea apealed to me because I thought ,I have barely 12 years of life, then why shoul’nt I spend them usefully.I agreeed to go with them. My first view of vrindavan was enthralling.It seemed to me that I can see Kanha face to face. The trees of vrindavan,the grooves, the creepers , vines,the scent of flowers, the tumulte noises of the birds,as though they were reciting the holy name of radhe shyam and avove all the enchanting sight on the banks of river yamuna filled me in total devotion and ecstacy.It seemed that I was swimmng in the ocean of bliss.One day I met the same saints who had come to our house and had predicted my early death. I went to them and told them what had happened. They replied, ‘look child listen carefully. An accountant keeps a full record of all accounts as to how much money he has to take from those who had taken the loans. In case there is a very heavy amount of his friends loan, he has the power to tear that page and bring his loan to zeero.Same way Bihariji, too can tear the pages of tour karma’s which are responsible for your early death. Go to Bihariji’s temple and pray before him. Tell him you tore the pages of karma’s of so many bhakts of your’s such as shabri, kubja, dhnaajat,raskhan and many more,then why don’t you tearaway my karmas look at his eyes and request him to tear your pages of bad karma so that you can devote a long life for him. I was impressed by what they told me and went to Biharji’s temple that day and did as they had told me.I stood in front ofBihariji and got lost in his beautful charming vigraha.I had no desire to extend my life. All I wanted was Bihariji’s kripa to give me his bhakti only.That was a turning point of my life.aThere was no desire in my heart any more. Soon I was so lost in talking and seeing Bihariji that I felt there is no body else in the temple.In the large crowd I could see only Biharji smiling at me.Then I heard a very sweet enchanting voice amidst the noises of so many bhakts in the temple. I can never forget those magical words. Smilingly he had said, ‘Today I have torn your pages of karma accounts. I have rubbed your destiny.From now no good or bad karma can dare to touch you from now.
When I came back to my senses I saw my father and mother standing next to me. They held my hand aplogetically. I remembered the couplet of swami Tulsidasji, Jaa pe kripa Ram ki hoi, taa pe kripa sab ki hoi.
I politely took leave from them bacause now I had found my true parents.I did not need the mundane relatives of the materialistic world.Today I have lived a full life of devotion for Bihariji.I am 90. All because Bihariji tore my karma account and gave me a long life topursue my bhakti.


Once I was having tea at a tea stall on the vrindavan parikrama marg. I was about to finish my tea when an old lady entered and greeted me by saying Radhe Shyam. I greeted back in the same manner and was wondering if I knew her. At that moment another group of people came and she greeted them also in the same manner. I understood that is the ettiquete of vrindavan and she is following that. I asked her amma will you have tea? She replied, no not yet.I have come here under the instructions of Bihariji because he told me that soeone will give me Rs 5/- I thought that must be one of her ways to ask for money and took out a five Re. note and was handing it over to her. She gave a cool stare and said, no the person who is going to give me the money is younger than you. He is in his early thirties. I thought she is a little out of her mind and found her conversation very weird. I got up to go but she stopped me and said, see that man who is coming towards the tea stall,I think he is the one whom Bihariji has instructed to give me Rs.5/- I did not pay much attention to what she was saying but saw that the man was coming inside the tea stall and gave her Rs/- That was how I bacame curious to know more about her. So I followed her but she vanshed out of sight within seconds,but after a shot while I saw her coming out from a hut with Rs10/- and the prescription of some medicine. As she saw me she said,o that’s good! Bihariji has sent you here to bring this medicine so please bring it from the chemist. Without asking any questions I obeyed her and went off to buy the medicine. I was obviosly curious to know for whom she had got that medicine so I kept standing there. She was talking to a poor old lady whose child was having very high fever.I heard her telling her to give these medicines three times a day.After consoling the poor lady she started going .Iwas impressed by her helping attitude.She was collecting the mony to elp others and not for herself. Now I had a desire to know more about his noble woman. I stopped her by saying mata ji,mataji, but she ignored,and went away. The next day I went to the same place with hopes of meeting her again but came back dissapointed.On the third day I met her by chance and I literally begged her to stop and tell me more about herself. She gave a sigh saying, Bihariji! Do you want to remind me my miseries which I had long forgotton? If that is your wish then I will narrate how I came to Vrindavan.

She started telling me that she had lived a very happy life with her family which included her husband, four sons, their wives and children. She had served the family with full devotion. Her husband was a wealthy merchant and the sons had also joined the family buisness. Everyone in the family was very respectful to the parents. One day there was a small boil on the foot of this lady and eventually it turned out that she had developed the germs of leperosy. There was a sudden change of attitude among all the members of the family towards her. Everyone encluding her husband who loved her dearly tried to avoid sitting next to her. She was isolated and spent her days in a secluded room.Her utensils were kept seperately which she washed herself. She could understand all this for the welfare of her family but one day she got a rude shock when all her son’s came with their wives and wanted to say something to her. The eldest son on behalf of others came with the propsal that amma should go and stay in some place of plgrimage where they will send money or her daily needs.After all this is an infecious disease and even amma will not like it if any of her child or grand child got infected.

She kept on listening and just nodded. The sons went away leaving her to wonder if they were the same sons who would not eat before amma started eating her meal. That night she skipped her dinner which, the maid servant had left for her in the room. The whole night she was tossing and turning and could not have even a wink of sleep. She went on thinking what to do .Should she jump in a well? Should she leave home? All these thought came to her mind. At last in the early hours of morning she quietly packed a few clothes and took what ever meger money she had and left home without telling any one.She had no one to share her plight.One poor lady used to ome to her and she used to give her many things in charity to help her. She landed at her doorstepand woke her upAfter haring her sad story she advised her to go to vrindavan where she could et help from one of her relative who ad gone there and had become a babaji.The lady offered to go with her and leave her there with her relative and soon they reached vrindavan.For a few days the relative of that lady shared the food he begged with her but he too died and she was again left alone to fight for her survival.She felt embarassed to beg in the beginning but soon got used to it. One day when she went to bathe in the yamuna river her foot slipped and she was on the verge of drowning.She was in an uncocious state and all she could remember wasthat a very attractive boy had dived into the river to save her.When she became concious she was surrounded by some brij folks.She looked every where to find the charming diver but he was no where to be seen. The people around her told her that she had a very lucky escape. She looked at her foot and was astonished. She found that there was not a single wound,her lepersoy had dissapeared. One person from the crowd advised her to go to Bihariji’s temple and thank him for saving her life. She had never been here before so now that she was no longer infected by leperosy she entered the emple and was looking at Bihariji spell bound because it was this charming boy only who has dived in the yamuna and saved her life. With tears in her eyes and a shiver of excitement going through her entire body she vowed that she will depend only on Bihariji who had brought her to vrindavan.Leprsory was just a temporary excuse to detach her from her family.Now she was doing sewa of Bihariji in her small way by helping his devotees who were in need.He was the only true friend she had in his world.Swami sri haridas ji says in one of his padas:


It means swamiji says o brother!If you want to love, then love only Bihariji or love his bhakts who are always engrossed in Bihariji’s bhajans only.The worldly love is temporary made out of faded colours of flowers which is finished the moment you are of no use to your so called loved ones, but Bihariji’s love is permanent which is made out of the scent of flowers. It is Bihariji alone who will by your side when you are in pain or trouble,your relatives and friends will run away the moment they see approaching for help.Bihariji will wash away all your sins and take you in his arms. Such is the love of bihariji.


Some devotees of Bihariji are so fortunate that they get real experience of his kripa. One such bhakt was Binduji. Everday Binduji would go to Bihariji’s temple and sing a new pada for him.This was his humble sewa everyday.He could feel that Bihari ji used to listen to his composition very lovingly and affectionately. All the composition came out of his mouth automatically as if Bihariji himself was singing in his place.

One day Bindu ji got high fever with a body ache. He could barely get up to go to the temple. He was taken good care of by his loving disciples who had got ayurvedic medicines for him. After three days his fever had come down but he still felt very week.He told his disciples that hewill somehow manage to go to the temple and with their help he reached thepremises of the temple but was feeling very tierd and uncomfortable.It was the first time that he was not able to compose a new poem for Bihariji though he tried to write one on a paper also before reciting it, but was not successful in his pusuit..He had brought his old bed sheet wich was smeared by the brij dust. He had folded it and was holding it in his hand. Now he covered imself with the sheet and had tears in his eyes and went on staring at Bihariji for a long time.Since he could not think of a single line , he decided to go back to his ashram. He told his disciples to take him back and again looked at Bihariji for a last glance. As he was looking without a blink of the eye, he heard the tinkling sound of nupur.He had never heard such a lovely viberating musical sound so he stopped to see where it was coming from. The scene he saw now was like a dream. He saw the nij mahal of Bihariji in which there was a beautifully decorated throne studded by precious gems and stones.Both the divine couple were seated on it and were surrounded by millions of sakhi’s .Suddenly Bihariji stood up in front of him and said, Won’t you recite a new pada for us today? Thakurji’s voice was so tender and soft and enchanting that it came right inside his whole being.It touched his heart which skipped so many beats. He was in a high state of ecsaty. As he was watching this in flabergasting condition, he heard the same maginimous voice again and then he saw Bihariji holding one corner of his sheet, please recite one poem for me only.

Binduji did not know what was happening.Was this a dream? He could not make out whether it was real darshan or a dream. He was completely at a loss and forgot himself. Suddenly he felt he was fit and all his weaknes had disappeard. As he stood in front of Bihariji, his eyes were full of tears, his voice was choking with love, his heart was skipping beats due to excitement of Bihariji’s compassion for him, he was reciting poems for Bihariji. Suddenly everyones eyes turned towards Bindu ji who was singing so melodiously with joy and his voice was echoing in the mandir.

Kripa ki na hothi jo aadat tumahari,
Tou suni hi rahti adaalat tumhari,
Garibon ke dil mein jagha tum naa paate
Tou kis dil mein hothi hifaazat tumhari.